About Us

Who We Are

Widenergy Africa Ltd , is a women – led company, registered in Zambia, dedicated to the empowerment of women and providing last-mile distribution of clean energy solutions.

Incorporated under the Zambian law in September 2016, WidEnergy Africa was co-founded by two passionate women Liliane Munezero Chabuka and Agnes Imasiku and BiziSol, a Sweden-based social for-profit
enterprise, committed to empowering African women in clean energy.

WidEnergy has grown from a cash-on-delivery distributor of Pico solar products to a Pay-As-You-Go (PAYGO) asset-backed financing company.

How Will We Get It Done?

By empowering women as door-to-door distribution agents and ambassadors for clean energy to combat climate change AND building a women-driven, last-mile delivery network that delivers high quality and affordable solar home energy solutions to their communities with the goal of eradicating energy poverty.

Beyond supplying affordable solar products, WidEnergy provides training and jobs as door-to-door sales agents to women and girls, providing sustainable employment and earning to counteract the negative consequences of extreme poverty.

Our training includes a capacity building program, focused on increasing women’s knowledge on the benefits of using high quality clean energy products, the risk of climate change on women’s life and their abilities to become the change makers in climate change adaptation and mitigation, at the community level.

Coming Soon from WidEnergy Africa!

Beginning in 2020, WidEnergy will implement its Women in Energy Hubs (WeHUB) concept, funded by EEP Africa. WeHuB aims to build a network of service centers serving rural and remote areas to more efficiently delivering last-mile and off-grid energy solutions. Each hub will be capable of powering several small businesses and will be managed in partnership with local women entrepreneurs, selected from the best performing WidEnergy sales Agents.


Lliane Ndananeze


Ann Kaluba

Board Chairman

Raoul Ngendahayo


Prosper Bizimungu

Vice Chairman Business Development and Partnership

Mutinta Mwiinga

Monitoring and Evaluation Officer


We are quality driven, the products we distribute are Lighting Global certified, and have a minimum of 2 years warranty. Our partners are global companies, manufacturing high quality and life improving products.

We trust in the role of the Zambian woman in the household energy decision making, we believe in their capabilities to change the energy situation for the better, reason why women and girls are our main target group and business partners.